Avoiding Unintended Consequences

After considerable research, Senator Kauffman has decided to delay the bill. As it turns out, the current contracting process for human service organizations is defined across some 32 different RCWs. Changing those requirements without inadvertently impacting other vendor relationships is more complex than originally anticipated.

Rather than run hastily assembled legislation, Sen. Kauffman will run a proviso that will require State agencies, local governments, and stakeholders to work together during the interim to make the required amendments to the RCWs. Then, next year, Sen. Kauffman will run the bill with greater assurance that it is well researched and will have the intended result.

The bill will cover contracting at both the State and the local government levels and will be designed around a performance based, lowest responsible bidder approach. The Senator assured us that there is broad support for change, particularly among Human Service Committee members, and that they understand the crisis state in which human service organizations are operating.

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