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To Leaders in Washington State (both elected and administrators in State, County, and City government):

You know well that government bodies rely on human service organizations to deliver basic services to constituents. However, do you know that requests for proposals (RFP) typically disallow human service organizations from being paid for the full costs of delivering those services? On average, government contracts pay less than 80 cents for every $1 in services human service organizations deliver. In addition to this, what funds are paid are tightly restricted, artificially reducing indirect costs (even after less that $.80 on the dollar is paid).

Human service organizations need operating expenses to deliver services.

As a direct result of this systemic underfunding, many, if not most, human service organizations are now in financial distress. Several long-standing, critical service providers have already permanently closed their doors. Governmental entities must change the restrictions and expectations associated with human service funding or risk losing critical service providers.

Underfunding critical service providers is not sustainable.

When governments short-change service providers, those organizations must skimp on the basics of internal controls, oversight, compensation, and benefits. As a result, human service organizations experience high levels of turnover, struggle to retain high-talent staff, and produce sub-optimal outcomes. The impacts are most severe on smaller nonprofits, which are more often led by members of the population they are designed to serve.

We, the undersigned, are calling on funders to move toward covering the full cost of delivering services through the use of performance-based, lowest responsible bidder contracts.


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Coalitions and Associations


Human Service Organization Board Members

NameOn behalf of:

Mahnaz Eschetu, Chair
Brave Commitments
Laurie Lippold, Director of Public Policy
Partners for our Children
Jill May, EDWashington Association for Children & Families

Dr. Stephan Blanford, ED
Children’s Alliance

Adan Espino Jr., Organizer
Pierce County Human Services Coalition

Susan Brown, Organizer
Greater Seattle Child Care Business Coalition
Laura Pierce, Executive Director, & Tiffany Brace, Policy DirectorNonprofit Association of Washington

Tree Willard, ED

Seattle Human Services Coalition

Courtney Williams, ED
The Community Employment Alliance

Ryan Davis, ED

Washington Asset Building Coalition
Coalitions and Associations
NameOn behalf of:
Heather Fitzpatrick, CEO
& Peter Drury, Chief
Strategy Officer
Wellspring Family Services

Janis Avery
As a retired human services executive

Nela Cumming, ED
Steve Daschle, EDSouthwest Youth and Family Services
David Newell, CEO
Children’s Home Society of Washington

Dr. Pela S. Terry, ED
Atlantic Street Center
Terry Pottmeyer
As a retired human services executive

Karen Brady, CEO

Janice Deguchi, ED
Neighborhood House

Mary Ellen Stone, CEO
King County Sexual Assault
Resource Center
Michael HeinischExecutive Director, Kent Youth & Family
Services (Retired)

Phoebe Sade, CEO

Childcare Resources

Faaluaina Pritchard, ED
Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Wyonne Perrault, ED
North Counties’ Family Services

Ray Deck III, CEO
Skookum Kids
Gene Boes, CEO, and
Laura Kneedler, Chief Mission Officer
Northwest Center

Dr. Tafona Ervin, ED
Foundation for Tacoma Students

David de la Fuente, ED
Communities in Schools of Kent

Karin White, Interim CEO
YWCA Pierce County

Bryan Flint, Executive Director
Sound Outreach
Jon Botten, CEO, and Jon Gould, Chief Community Impact and Government Relations OfficerChildhaven

Madelyn Carlson, CEO
People for People

Jeananne Edwards, Executive Director
Community in Motion
Deb Miller, Executive DirectorCommunity Choice dba Action Health Partners

Tim Sullivan, Executive Director
Washington 211

Gina Hall, CEO
Uplift Northwest
Darlene Darnell, CEO
Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington

Rachel Todd, Executive Director
YWCA North Central Washington

Mary Steele, Executive Director
Compass Housing Alliance
Cynthia Grayson, Executive DirectorInterCultural Children and Family Services (ICCFS)

Sue Camou Arrant, Executive Director
Kent Youth and Family Services

Lillian Sherman, Executive Director
Pike Place Market Foundation
Daryl J. Campbell, President & CEOEvergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington

Jim Theofelis, Executive Director
NorthStar Advocates
Colleen Speer, EDCommunities In Schools of Peninsula

Thomas Reynolds, CEO
Northwest Harvest

Liz Heath, CEO
Sound Nonprofits

Joe LeRoy, CEO
HopeSparks Family Services

Michelle McDaniel, CEO
Crisis Connections

Stephen Woolworth, CEO
Evergreen Treatment Services

Stacy Dym, Executive Director
The Arc of Washington State

Lisa Yeager, Executive Director
Sno-Valley Senior Center

Darla Helt, Executive Director

Misty Messer, Executive Director
CarePoint Clinic

Jolene R. Seda, CEO
Triumph Treatment Services

Matthew Wilson, Executive Director
Oasis Youth Center

Debbie Meyers, Executive Director
SKCAC Industries and Employment Services

Susan Brown, CEO
Kids Co.

Jennifer Nobiling, CFO
Volunteers of America Western Washington

Karen Williams, Executive Director
Trillium Employment Services

Brandy Gerdes-Schutz, Senior Director
Compass Career Solutions

Will Berkovitz, CEO
Jewish Family Services

Jessie Friedmann, Director of Public Policy
Colleen Laing, Director of Systems Change & Public PolicyUnited Way of King County

Shalimar Gonzales, CEO
Solid Ground

Beth Harvey, ED

Evergreen Social Impact

Ashley Buerger, ED
Amy Hoyte, ED

Rebuilding Together Puget Sound

Andrea Duffield, CEO
Julie Vess, CEO
Lincoln Hill Retirement Community

Mary Ellen Stone, CEO
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

Floribert Mubalama, ED
Congolese Integration Network

Jerred Clouse, ED

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

Mahnaz K Eschetu, CEO
Refugee Women’s Alliance

Lisa Greenwald, CEO

Carla Arnold, ED

Charlotte Booth, ED
Institute for Family Development

Anthony Austin, ED
Southeast Youth and Family Services
Scarlett Aldebot-Green, CEO and Nicole Mazen, Program & Policy OfficerAmara

John Hindman, CEO
Community-Minded Enterprises

Beth Harvey, Executive Director
Evergreen Social Impact

Madelyn Carlson, CEO
People For People

Ashley LaFond, Outreach

Cocoon House

Rimi Afroze, Puget Sound Regional Director

Children’s Home Society of Washington

Tracy Kahlo, Executive Director

Chris Brandt, Director of Government Affairs

Amy Biggs, Executive Director

Mt. Si Senior Center/ Snoqualmie Valley Transportation

Brittini Lasseigne, CEO
YWCA Clark County

Andrea Caupain Sanderson, CEO
Byrd Barr Place

Tonya Guinn, Executive Director

The Trail Youth

NameOn behalf of:

Ethan Norris

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Hayden Williams

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Brandy Reed

Board Member, Kent Youth and Family Services

Robin Callahan

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Mo Malakoutian

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Jason Schindler

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Tavish MacLean

Board Member, Encompass

Clayton Ritter

Board Member, Encompass

Chris Garcia

Board Member, Encompass

Joan Vaughn

Board Member, Encompass

Chuck Nordhoff

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Charlie Ogle

Board Member, Northwest Center

Stephanie Gebhardt
Board Member, Northwest Center

Lynn Tuttle

Board Member, Wellspring Family Services

Walt Gordon

Board Member, Community in Motion

Doug Conrad

Board Member, Atlantic Street Center

Jonathan Perrino

Board Member, Compass Housing Alliance

Paul Hogle

Board Member, Compass Housing Alliance

Grace O’Loan

Board Member, Ryther

Joyce Jackson

Board Member, Northwest Center

Diane Taniguchi

Board Member, HopeSparks Family Services

Joyce Jackson

Board Member, Northwest Center

Rita Schwarting

Board Member, SKCAC

Gayle Bennett

Board Member, Encompass

Jane Prestbye

Board Member, Kent Youth and Family Services

Sandra Ramsey

Board Member, Encompass

Kristin Bunce

Board Member, Refugee Women’s Alliance

Eileen Concannon

Board Chair, Refugee Women’s Alliance

Cynthia Chirot

Board Member, Refugee Women’s Alliance

Tim Sullivan

Board President, Justice Housing Yakima
Ian Cunningham
Board Member, Community-Minded Enterprises
Janet Schmidlkofer
Board Member, Community-Minded Enterprises

Michaela Kay

Board Member, Wellspring
Board Members

Concerned Washington State residents

Diesha Rodgers
Shwetha Panchal
Judy Mahoney
Michelle Codagnone
Jim Yearby
Michelle Mitchell-Brannon
Janice L. Bronkema
Joseph Leavitt
Sue Camou Arrant
Laura McMillan
Asa Tate
Cori Walters
Bevette Irvis
Karly Lee
Wanda Oliver
Amara Reitz
Nancy Spurgeon
Anne Jannetti
Morgan Miller
Briony Ball
Sidney Pandes
Linda Woods
Michael Oaks
Valerie Stewart
Boots Winterstein
Hannah Mistry
Jenny Timmons
Diane K Taniguchi
Kristin Johnson
Erika Anton
Adrian Dippenaar
Calli Clevinger
Rev. David Strong
Cathy Liu Scott
Rachael Benson
Megan Walsh
Rachel Peterson
Caitlin Young
Ana Malloy
Erin Kinsella
Sally Rasmussen
Cindi Bowles
Rochelle Clayton Strunke
Grace Gonzalez
Kristin Kollgaard
James Seikel
Kimberly Horn
Kim Hall
Lisa Krejci
Judy Tobin
Philip Zoshak
Alejandro Diaz
Alena Ciecko
Melissa Chaudhry
Jennafer Price Cargill
Alicia Tomlan
Yasmine Abdeldayem
Veronica Flores
Jerry E. Rice Jr.
Concerned Washington Residents